• Faithieyjoanne


  • Eileen Bild

    Eileen Bild

    Certified Professional Coach, MA in Transpersonal Psychology, Published Writer/Author, Founder of KNOB TV ROKU, Public Speaker, Inspires and Empowers.

  • Lani @ Mucho Aroha

    Lani @ Mucho Aroha

    Heart-centred business, people-focused organisations, brand and culture alignment, celebrating uniqueness, collaboration, community, the future of work.

  • Jen Gilhoi

    Jen Gilhoi

    Sparking conversations. Tracking results. Seeking balance in communications from trad to hyper social. Event goer, networker, co-working fan #ModernWellCo

  • Aaron Skogen

    Aaron Skogen

    Husband. Father. Senior executive creating a shared sense of purpose. Weaving my why into stories meant to move you.

  • Catherine Lynch

    Catherine Lynch

    Parent mentor. Currently enrolled in The Marketing Seminar, an online seminar by Seth Godin.

  • Brandon Moore

    Brandon Moore

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