In the US, we like to think “we are better than this” yet our behaviors are still very destructive.
Or, this is EXACTLY who we are.

Your words matter.

I’ve been hearing this phrase, “We’re better than this.” a lot lately and especially after catastrophic events such as murder, mass murder, acts of racism and prejudice, social injustice, even a child who gets a low grade on a test, and a lot more.

Here’s my issue…

Mass shootings continue to happen even after so many communities have said, “No more!” and offered thoughts and prayers. Now, the latest re-phrase people are asking is, “What’s going to change?”

My question…

Is humanity ready and able to change even if a solution was available?

You may be shaking…

Kevin Strauss

Fan of the "rabbit hole"… how far will I go? - balanced wellness, emotional health, endurance sports & more

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